Leesville beats Athens in soccer

Leesville beat Athens in soccer with a final score of 3-0. The first half ended 0-0 with five shots on goals from both teams. The first half was mainly defensive so nothing significant happened. To start the second half, Athens played well defensively, not conceding any goals until Leesvile scored at about the 65th minute with a corner kick header. Not long after, Leesvile scored a tap in goal at the 74th minute mark to go ahead 2-0. Athens had a good chance with our striker Caiden Orders having a breakaway but choked and missed. Leesvile scored their 3rd and final goal of the night by scoring a 6 yard goal around the 85th minute.

 “We had a good game plan going i,n but we couldn’t score and their attackers were just too good,” said sophomore striker Caiden Orders.