Schools should encourage students to join clubs


Photos by Zainab Aziz

Students work all day on subjects they do not love. They need to join clubs that interest them more.

Encouraging kids to join clubs is really important for their futures, it makes a huge impact on them. It would help in lots of things such as knowledge, social skills, communication skills. Adding more club options would not only interest students, but also educate them and prepare them for the future. Clubs would create a good environment for students where they could be introduced to people with the same interests as them.

Most of the time, schools have limited options and students might think they are boring or useless for their future.  If students join a club that does the same activities every day such as taking notes, if they take a club that is about food and nutrition, that would not be as fun for them. They would probably just take notes on food but in reality, they should be learning to build better plates, tell others what is healthy or not. 

Every student would love to be in a group of people who find the same interests as them. Students find it hard to fit in at school. Every student would love to find a group of people to connect with.  Meeting new people in the club is also a big help in having students engaged in their work. 

Once they join, they will see people who are the same as them. It encourages them to work and participate in the club more. 

Here at Athens, there are many clubs, but most seem plain and boring. Some are very important even if they aren’t fun.  Students need more options of clubs where they can move around and talk to others in the class. 

They can get notes a few times every three weeks to make them remember information and work their brains without just having fun and being distracted all the time.

Take the Key club for an example. This is a club that is really important for students to join. It teaches them lots of skills. The key club at Athens is a club that prepares students for the future, helps them discover their interests and students find new people to talk to.

The key club is a club where students get involved in the community through completing service hours.   Volunteering through  Key Club can give the opportunity to help children in the hospital, write cards for veterans, serve in their community, food drives and partner with some brands and companies for help.   

 Once students expose themselves to a variety of people, it is easier for them to begin taking leadership positions, meet others and go out to help those who need assistance.

 Almost all colleges are looking for students who take responsibility, who reach out for help and selflessly assist others.

Clubs are a vital addition to college applications as they detail the maturity and responsibility of a student based on their activities, offering a more diverse selection of clubs that can even allow students to have a better footing pursuing their future.

 Moreover, It is important when applying for a job to have experience with things outside of school. 

Whether it’s in college or a job application, students will be accepted faster and it will seem as though they are ready for the job and will end up getting the job. 

It is the responsibility of schools to give students the best resources for their future.

The point of clubs is to encourage students to get out there, start gaining life skills and be able to work with other people. 

Clubs help students to motivate others and themselves and heighten their skills in everything they do. 

It is also a good opportunity for teachers to have fun with students, clubs strengthen student-teacher relationships, giving teachers a fun platform to prepare participants for the future.  

Joining a club in high school will come in handy once the students are in college or have a job. Having experienced things at a young age can drastically assist a student in the future even if it is not something all fun and games.  It has a great impact on a students’ future, they would be gaining new information and more thoughts about many different topics. Whatever group they join can improve or assist a student’s communication skills, social skills, creative thinking and adaptability. 

Other clubs should be fun with a side of education, just so that students can get used to being there, and their minds will start working sharply and disguise the downside of the boring part.

Joining clubs has a huge impact on students’ lives outside of school. 

It will be a nice change for them other than writing notes, reading and solving equations all day for five days a week.

 Balancing schoolwork and clubs will be challenging, they will be under pressure and they will want to quit. when in fact students will need these skills later in life. 

 Teachers help out and encourage them to join a club. Things will change drastically for them in the future and they will reflect and be thankful.