Celebrating a Covid-19 birthday? Here are some ways to celebrate


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Birthday Cupcakes


At this point, everyone has suffered through a birthday during the COVID-19 pandemic, but why should a pandemic stop someone from finding a way to celebrate? Celebrating a COVID birthday could be in person or virtual. It’s up to the organizer to decide on what they are most comfortable with. Here are five ways to celebrate a COVID-19 birthday while still following guidelines and mandates.

Driveway Chalk Messages

A simple way to wish someone a happy birthday is by writing birthday messages in their driveway. This is a way to stay socially distanced and follow guidelines while still making someone feel special on a day all about them. This might be a great way to replace the traditional surprise party during these unprecedented times. Get a group of friends together, drop off presents, social distance with masks and color away!

Outdoor movie night 

Set up a movie screen in the backyard. Ask those invited to bring chairs and masks and sit socially distant outside while enjoying the weather. Guests can be provided with pre-packaged bags of candy and popcorn to enjoy as they sit back and relax. In this case, friends are able to enjoy the company of one another while still following guidelines – a way to have semi-traditional parties but socially distanced. 

Drive-By Birthday Party

Organize a party by having your friends stop by, drop off a gift if desired and visit all while in the comfort of their vehicles! Put together a gift bag with a few treats for the road and don’t forget to take pictures! To some, this idea may be considered one of the more traditional COVID birthday parties of the year, but this doesn’t have to be limited to birthday parties. Some have done this in place of graduation parties, wedding receptions, baby showers and much more. 

Tie-Dye Party

Ask guests to bring white clothing of their desire and provide the dye. Set up socially distant tables outdoors and let them get to work. Tie-dye is trending right now so this might be rather popular. 

Virtual Game Night 

Zoom is one of the more popular ways to meet up with friends but in a virtual setting. Send out a zoom link and play a game. A great option might be bingo. Send out game cards prior to the party and the winner can win a prize. Of course, there are many games out there so choose whatever sparks the most interest.