Athens Drive Promenade a success


Photos by Zach Peterman

Katelyn Harris, Sierra Freer, and Will Sanchez enjoy the drive through Jaguar Stadium.

The Athens Drive Promenade was a fun event for seniors to hangout with their friends at the school for one of the last times. Held on May 14th from 7-9 p.m., the event included driving around Jaguar Stadium while receiving recognition for graduation, as well as a prom-like experience held in the senior lot.
“We also have Evan Pike Photography coming to take professional photos as well! We have pre-packaged light snacks & drinks. We will give each Senior a really cool keepsake that they can sign (like the Hollywood Walk of Fame stars) too,” said Christopher Remaley, senior class coordinator.
Although it wasn’t quite a traditional prom, it was a good event to bring students together for a fun time. COVID-19 has taken a lot from students this year, so the Athens Drive staff did everything possible to send this senior class off with a memorable experience.
“I felt really passionate about giving these Seniors (who have missed so much already) at least the best I could do to recreate a ‘Prom experience!’ I love being in charge of the Senior Class coordinating events and these Seniors need to have some great memories,” said Remaley.