Athens seniors get a Covid Homecoming


Photos by Sarah Thomas

The 2021 Homecoming Court took pictures at the NC Museum of Art.

After being postponed since October, students finally got to have their homecoming. For the fourth football game of the season and the first home game, students and families were able to come on campus to watch the football team and the crowning of the Homecoming King and Queen. The football team beat Riverside Friday March 19, with a final score of 41-8 and Evelyn Earnhardt and Jaden Barnes were crowned King and Queen.

With the absence of the fall pep rally, Homecoming Court operated very differently this year than it typically does. Seniors had the opportunity to nominate each other for Homecoming Court. This long list was then voted on by the whole senior class. Once all of the nominations were in, 10 boys and 10 girls made it to Homecoming Court. 

“It was exciting! I was really grateful that I had friends that wanted to see me on the

Court,” said Katelyn Harris, senior on the Court. 

While most were excited, others felt it was not as big of a deal. Of course, parents had their own thoughts about the nominations too. 

“My parents made it into a way bigger deal than it was and tried to make me vote for myself. How embarrassing,” said Gracie White, senior on the Court. 

Upon seeing the nominations, the diversity and wide range of students voted for was evident. Students from every corner of the school, whether it be the football team or the band room, were picked for the court. 

“I always enjoy Homecoming [Court] because it seems that a large majority of students are represented. Although it could be better, it doesn’t necessarily seem like a popularity contest,which is good. I’m really happy with the winners as well, they deserved it,” said White.

Any normal school year the next step would be a pep rally, where the nominees are paired up and perform short skits in front of the whole school. Due to Covid-19 though, the pep rally could not take place. 

“I was sad that there was no pep rally but understood why we couldn’t have it. It kinda worked out because I had a dress already. We have been in Covid long enough that I wasn’t too upset about it,” said Evelyn Earnhardt, senior and Homecoming Queen. 

Instead, the final four, Ana Altman, Will Wakeford, Jaden Barnes and Evelyn Earnhardt took to the football field during halftime. The runner ups were announced and the king and queen were named. 

“Seconds before my name was called my heart was racing in anticipation. I was extremely happy when I heard it was me. It felt like all the time I spent trying to help and enlighten those around me had almost paid off. And I’m glad those around me feel strongly enough to have voted me as their king,” said Barnes, senior and Homecoming King. 

Although things have definitely been different this year, especially for seniors, the Covid Homecoming was a success at the Drive. 

“I feel as if I missed out on some key factors of being on homecoming court and being entitled homecoming king. However I don’t dwell on the what if’s of it because i’m quite pleased with how it turned out. Still one of the greater nights of my life,” said Barnes.