Encore gives students the opportunity to share their talent

Declan Hoffman, Online Editor

Teachers in charge of the Athens performing arts department carry out Encore the first Thursday of every month during B-lunch in the chorus room, 2228, to give talented students a chance to share their abilities.

Students from band, orchestra, chorus and theatre have the opportunity to share their art in front of 30-40 students. Past presentations have included singing, skits and brief concerts from band members.

“We wanted a way to celebrate the arts and recognize the different departments. It also creates a family between all the different fields,” chorus teacher, Joy Clayton said.

Theatre teacher, Burgandy Trimmer, in conjunction with the rest of the performing arts department, started Encore in late 2012 to showcase different things going on in the classes.

“During one of our faculty meetings, the art department decided we needed a way to show our students progress in class,” Trimmer said.

Each class gets five minutes to creatively present their students however they choose. Classes do not always present and can give their slot to other departments that may run over the time limit. Drama often prepares skits that require this benefit.

Last month’s performances, Sept. 19, highlighted Orchestra’s cello section leader, sophomore Dorothy Carlos. Carlos has four years experience playing cello, as well as multiple years on the piano and violin.

“Encore has helped me and other performers build the courage to play in front of larger crowds,” Carlos said.

Theatre Arts III students Will Sideris and Briana Islar also acted a portion of Matthew Washington’s one act play, “Thirteen ways to mess up a college interview.”

Tara Bouldrin, Nick Taylor, Simone Larsen, Matthew Washington and Will Sideris took part in the theatre game “Panel of Experts.”

“The game was very interactive and included many audience members,” Sophomore Xavier Milton said.

“Panel of Experts” is a theatre improvisation game comprised of six characters; a know-it-all, random person, person with bad and negative advice, foreigner, interpreter and audience. The game is not scripted, instead lines are thought of on the spot with no planning other than background knowledge established before the start.

The talent even impressed Athens teachers. When asked about the previous shows, Clayton simply responded “amazing.”

“There really is a lot of talent at Athens that you don’t get to see in individual students,” Clayton said.

Encore attracts many audience members interested in seeing the ideas of their peers. Students can also meet new people and have something different to do during lunch other than going off.

“It’s neat to see what other teachers are doing … the audience is very respectful and encouraging when students mess up,” Trimmer said.

Encore will be held again, October 10.