Safe trick or treating 2020

Yulisa Ramirez-Lopez, Photography editor

Halloween, a yearly holiday, has taken an unexpected turn this year. Kids normally would dress up, walk around their neighborhood and travel door to door to receive candy. This year, the coronavirus has changed the plans of many due to the CDC’s guidelines requiring people to be socially distant. Here are a few ways that can help one be safe but also still be able to obtain candy. 

One way of safely trick or treating is by placing individual goodie bags at the end of one’s driveway or yard that are able to be grabbed by the families walking by. Before making the goodie bags, make sure to wash your hands 20 seconds before and after. Another method could be trunk or treating, where cars park in a parking lot and from their decorated trunks or cars, kids could grab candy and move to the other cars nearby. If one still wants to be cautious but still celebrate halloween, putting together treat packages for family members or friends and leaving the packages at their door with no contact or mail them. 

Instead of throwing a party indoors, a costume party outdoors would give everyone space. The guests can still dress up, have a face mask, and remain six feet apart from each other. Also an outside costume parade in small groups within six feet apart would be a safe option. An online costume party is a safe alternative if you do not want to physically be with people. When planning to have guests over, make sure the surroundings are clean. Have hand sanitizer inside and outside while distancing guests. This could help prevent people from getting in trouble or any physical contact. 

Distance and open areas are better if deciding to have a big amount of people to be at a halloween celebration. Haunted houses in an open air, going to pumpkin patches or an outdoor halloween movie night are also good alternatives to trick or treating. Safety is a big factor in the current condition we are in and planning ahead to make sure guests are healthy could make the celebration safer. Even staying indoors with family and watching a movie is a safe way to keep everyone happy and still enjoy the night with store bought candy, take out food and a costume.