Dak Prescott suffers season ending ankle injury, Cowboys look to bounce back


Photos by KeithAllisonPhoto.com

Dallas Cowboys quarterback, Dak Prescott, in a game agains the Washington Redskins.

Sean Herbst, Entertainment Assistant Editor

Dak Prescott, Dallas Cowboys starting quarterback, suffered a gruesome ankle injury in the Cowboys week five matchup against the New York Giants. After the game, it was announced that Prescott would miss the remainder of the regular season after being diagnosed with a compound right ankle fracture and dislocation.

After scrambling out of the pocket in the third quarter, Prescott got tangled up with Logan Ryan, New York Giants safety, and his ankle was rolled into an awkward position. Prescott was carted off the field in tears, with a cast on his leg/ankle and his fist in the air. Following the game, Mike McCarthy, Cowboys head coach, confirmed that both he and the medical staff believe the injury will be season ending with a recovery time of four to six months. The night of his injury, Prescott underwent surgery and it was reportedly ‘very successful, according to the Cowboys.

An outpouring of support from fans, family, teammates, competitors and athletes around the world quickly followed after word got out of his scary injury. Prescott’s neighbors decorated his front lawn in an effort to revitalize his spirits, spelling out “Get well soon [heart] your neighbors.”

“I can’t thank you enough for your love, your support, your prayers over the last few days. They’ve been more than overwhelming,” said Prescott, via Instagram.

Prescott had been in talks with the Cowboys over a bigger contract extension to keep him in Dallas for another five years. This deal looked to be in jeopardy after the gruesome season-ending ankle injury he suffered. The opposite seems to be the case though, with the Cowboys’ Executive Vice President, CEO and Director of Player Personnel Stephen Jones stating that “nothing changes” when it comes to contract negotiations. 

“I hope he comes back. I hope he gets $500 million. He deserves it. Honestly, that was the worst thing that happened today. I got a sick taste in my stomach for it.” said Ryan, via SportsNet Work New York.

The Dallas Cowboys, without one of the best quarterbacks in the league, will now have to resort to their backup quarterback, Andy Dalton. Although Dalton is not at Prescott’s talent level, he is a backup that many teams would love to have. The Cowboys will now look to rally behind Dalton and Prescott’s injury to find a way to win the NFC East.

“It’s really sad what happened to Dak, and I wouldn’t ever wish that injury on any player, but now the Cowboys just need to win without him, especially in such a winnable division as the NFC East,” said Zach Peterman, senior.

As the Cowboys continue their season, Prescott will have to undergo months of physical therapy and recovery sessions to get healthy again. Through all of this though, he believes he will come back even better than was before, a big hope for Cowboys fans and sports fans around the world.

“So I’m just ready to start this road to come back. I know this little adversity is just going to be another chapter in the book. I’m excited to move forward and write it,” said Prescott, via Instagram.