Drivers Kimi Räikkönen and Lewis Hamilton both break Formula 1 records.


Jaden Tremelling, Entertainment Copy Editor

Two Formula One records have been broken by drivers Kimi Räikkönen and Lewis Hamilton. With 327 races started, Räikkönen overtook Brazilian driver Rubens Barrichello at the 2020 Eifel Grand Prix. The other record broken was the most Formula One victories, which was previously held by Michael Shumacher, with 91 wins.

Räikkönen is a 41 year old Finnish Driver, who has been racing since 2001. His Formula One debut occurred at the 2001 Australian Grand Prix, where he finished in sixth place, winning one point with the Sauber Team. This is his ninth consecutive season after taking a break in the 2010 and 2011 seasons. He currently races for Alfa Romeo Racing Team and is in 17th place so far this season.

Räikkönen is a one time world champion, winning in the 2007 season. Nicknamed “Iceman” due to his cold attitude on and off the track in addition to his Finnish nationality. He broke Barrichello’s record of 326 races started October 11, 2020 at the Eifel Grand Prix in Nurburg, Germany.

“Being able to race for 19 years is crazy, and to still be competitive is even crazier,” said Katelyn Harris, senior.

Hamilton has been racing in Formula One since the 2007 season, where he raced for McLaren. There he won his first race at the 2007 Canadian Grand Prix, in only his sixth race. The following year he managed to win the world championship, in only his sophomore year racing. He won 21 races with McLaren.

“Lewis deserves every single victory he’s had… I don’t think you can praise him enough,” said Sebastion Vettel, Ferrari driver.

Since then he has moved onto the Mercedes-Benz team in the 2013 season. At Mercedes he has won 71 races and five world championships. He is on pace to tie the record of seven world championships this year, which is held by Michael Schumacher.

  At the 2020 Portugal Grand Prix Hamilton won his 92nd race, breaking Schumacher’s record of 91. This can be attributed to him and Mercedes dominating ever since 2013, with them winning every championship since 2013, when Vettel won.

“With how much Hamilton wins, Formula One becomes kinda boring due to how predictable it is now,” said Harris.