After a hiatus, the Black Student Union has returned to Athens Drive

Ava Riach, Business Manager

After a brief hiatus, the Athens Drive Black Student Union (BSU) has made its return for the 2020-2021 school year. The club was created by seniors Glory Aghimien and Stephanie Fisher-Huynh. Stephanie’s motivation to make a club was driven by noticing the lack of representation in AP and honors classes. Glory’s motivation was driven by lack of representation in school and a lack of positive representation of people of color (POC) in society and the media due to stereotypes. After the various events that occurred this year that sparked the uprising of the Black Lives Matter (BLM) movement, they formed more reasons to pursue a club.

“We hope that our organization inspires every participant to unapologetically be themselves, embrace their culture and overcome any and all odds that may be stacked against them,” said Aghimien, co-president.

The club discusses various difficult conversations, but hopes to educate others on Black culture and relevant issues in the long term. It was formed to advocate awareness of the racial injustices that Black people face, including within the education system, healthcare, the criminal justice system and more. Students can attend meetings as a resource to connect with their Black peers and it allows the faculty to learn more about their Black students. The club is catered to all students regardless of race and ethnicity, and they can get involved through volunteering opportunities.  

“This organization is needed more than ever right now due to the uprise in police brutality and the upcoming election,” said Fisher-Huynh, co-president.

Due to Covid-19, all meetings have been held virtually through Google Meet. While people can be shy during the meetings, some members participate through using the chat or the app Remind to express their opinions. Along with other clubs, the BSU has made social media accounts to promote the club; they can be found by searching the username “athensdrivebsu.” The club is currently planning for its upcoming food drive and must adhere to Covid-19 regulations such as wearing masks and social distancing. The food drive will focus on deserts and how they impact Black communities and will be working with the Interfaith Shuttle. 

Aghimien and Fisher-Huynh hope that the club is still active for the years to come after they graduate. This is so future Black students may still receive the support that BSU provides and an outlet for teachers and students to be educated and express themselves. They anticipate that through education and activism, students will become an integral part of society.

“Stephanie and I are honored to be a part of this momentous period in Athens Drive history. We hope this organization is one of longevity here at Athens Drive, and the lessons learned from it are life-long,” said Aghimien.