Online clubs: what groups are meeting during pandemic at Athens Drive

Eian Malloy, Staff writer

If you’re looking to join a club at Athens Drive, the good news is you still can. But you need to hurry so the club sponsors can set up their clubs upcoming events.

 To sign up for a club, start by emailing the club sponsor or joining a google meet. Depending on the club the sponsor may have you apply online to see if you meet the requirements.

 “Clubs are now being held virtually via Google Meet,” said Charles Morgan, assistant principal in charge of clubs.

Clubs like FCA, HOSA, NTHS, Science Olympiad, The Mighty Pen, Science National Honor Society, Multilingual Students club, BSU, DECA, Irish music club, ASL, NAHS, Harry Potter club, Book club, First Robotics, Teenage Republicans, Best Buddies club, Special Olympics, Cup of Jag, key club, and Spanish club, have already been meeting on Google classroom about once a week. More information on this can be found on the “club’s” tab under “Activities” on the menu bar of the Athens Drive home page. Club meetings are now more flexible because of Google Meet; meetings are being held every day of the week including asynchronous days during student hours. Most club sponsors also use Remind to help with communication.

 It is much easier to attend club meetings this year given that there is now more time allowed for the meetings and students no longer need the required grade to leave class to attend. However, Farrall Hilton, the National Art Honors Society (NAHS) club sponsor, is hoping to organize in person club activities starting on a limited basis to accommodate for Covid-19.

“When the going gets tough…artists get innovative and resourceful,” said Hilton.

There are less people attending clubs this year because of obvious reasons, which may help students get into the club of their choosing. There are also fewer clubs this year; some of the clubs involving physical participation, like Frisbee golf, have been canceled due to complications with Covid-19. 

“But it is also an opportunity for service clubs to affect the community in more creative ways,” said Hilton.