The ADHS theatre department explores a new way of performing


Photos by Leila Elmore

Graphic from the ADHS theatre Instagram (@athensdrivetheatre)

Emma Grace Lehmann, Features Assistant Editor

The Athens Drive High School (ADHS) theatre department will be producing their first filmed production this year in replacement for the annual fall play. With a working title of Chronicles of 2020, this film will include a collection of monologues written and performed by ADHS students, depicting the lows, highs and in-betweens of their 2020 year. 

“I think that while the overall situation is unfortunate at first (we would all love to be on stage together) this decision is actually really exciting. There is so much more creative potential with this project that was not as tapped into with live productions, and I think it’s gonna be just as fun and very cool,” said Leila Elmore, senior. 

Participants have the options to either write and submit a monologue (anonymously, if they would like), perform an already written monologue or write and perform their own monologue. Submissions are due Oct. 15 and auditions, if necessary, will be held Oct. 26 and 27. 

“I am personally excited to be doing monologues! I love acting with scene partners, but there is something so beautiful and personal about exploring a scene by yourself for a couple minutes. I am also so excited that all of the scripts will be student written, and that we can incorporate so many new students into the program this way,” said Elmore.

This production, although a safe alternative to the normal, in person theatre activities, looks to be providing opportunities not only for actors and crew members who have been involved before, but also for those who have always wanted to be involved, but have not yet had the chance or courage to stand atop the big stage at Athens. This also provides a unique opportunity for any writers at ADHS looking to practice and showcase their work. 

“This year, we are quite literally making history with completely student written pieces, a filmed production that will be released for all to see and incorporating as many people from the school as we can. Because of that, the joy this year will be like never before, so if you are considering joining, this is your sign to do it! And this opportunity will always stay with you too, even after things return to normal,” said Elmore.