Athens Drive seniors celebrate with Drive-Thru in Jaguar Stadium


Rebecca Elliott, Addy Gilpatrick, Gracie White, and Brenlee Shaw celebrate their senior year while riding through Jaguar Stadium

Nicholas Rose, Features Copy Editor

On Aug. 21, Athens Drive High School (ADHS) held “Drive-Thru @ the Drive” at Jaguar Stadium in celebration of the senior class. This event was held outside due to the restrictions Covid-19 has put on the school and the way that every student learns. Parents, staff and students were given an opportunity to encourage the rising Senior class that has commenced this year in an unprecedented way.

Friends safely got together prior to the Drive-Thru to decorate their cars. Many people painted on their windows or placed balloons along the car. School spirit was displayed at the drive-thru with blue and orange stripes that were painted on cars passing through. 

“I wore a mask like I was instructed to and everyone else I saw did the same,” said Chris Losi, senior.

Parents arrived early to the event and painted Jaguar paws and the graduation year 2021 along the track that the students would be using during the event. Other parents and friends created posters that had the names of seniors that would be participating. These posters contained pictures of the graduating students in ADHS activities during past years. 

“I saw a lot of painted cars driving around that day with Athens written on it. It was pretty cool to see,” said Losi.

Commencing at 1 p.m., students began arriving to drive their cars around the Jaguar stadium.  The seniors could be seen hanging out of the windows, moon roofs and even sitting on lawn chairs in the back of their pickup trucks. As they passed the announcer box in the stadium, they were announced by Christopher Remaley, senior advisor.  Even though the celebration was limited due to coronavirus, all participants seemed to enjoy themselves. 

“It was a great day to come to the school with friends. I am glad the school is trying to make this online school year seem as normal as possible,” said Losi.

Members of the ADHS staff gathered outside on the track to help cheer on the seniors as they drove on the track. This included crazy decorations and posters that supported the different students that were participating in the event. A contest was even held to identify the best decorated cars. Many of the students were declared winners, including Maddie Zotter and Diya Rau.

“I am glad Athens did this, it was a great way to see friends from a safe distance,” said Rau.