Coronavirus cases still rise as America pushes through pandemic


Ben Miller, Staff Writer

COVID-19 remains in the global spotlight due to the staggering amount of COVID-19 cases, with over 6.25 million cases and over 200,000 COVID-related deaths. A new country has emerged as a coronavirus hotspot; India. India has now surpassed four million active cases of coronavirus, egged on by a record of 86,432 recorded cases as of Sept. 5. This is certainly alarming, considering one of the biggest countries in  the world is now overflowing with coronavirus cases.

Unfortunately, the news doesn’t necessarily improve, as CDC officials have informed states that COVID-19 Vaccines may not be available to the vast public until mid 2021. Americans certainly hope that it will come out sooner rather than later, so they can get back to a somewhat normal life.

When asked how the coronavirus pandemic has affected her daily life, Marsha Covert, English teacher at Athens Drive said, “At first I was in shock. I like closure and structure, so the uncertainty gave me anxiety to transition to a ‘new normal’ with no definitive solution or timeline. I love not commuting to work and interacting with the world through social media with a slower, calmer pace to life.”

While coronavirus is a highly infectious disease that sometimes will spread to people that are following safety precautions, the CDC recommends that when in public, you should wear a face covering, avoid close contact with strangers, and to always wash your hands after you’ve been in a public setting.

“As teachers and students, we will need to abide by our safety instructions – ALL OF US!”, said John Pritchett, math teacher at Athens Drive. “One of the challenges we have faced in slowing the spread of the virus is people assuming someone else will take care of things. If we have a fever, stay home! While we are at school, maintain a safe distance, wash hands with soap often, and wear a mask at all times to protect each other.”