Best shows to binge watch while quarantined

Nicholas Rotella, Staff Writer

Right now, people are worrying about their jobs, their children, and most importantly their health. All of these factors are making people stress out, which means that somehow they need to de-stress with some relaxed activities. 

With the coronavirus going around, many people are finding that they have a lot of free time on their hands; whether that is because they lost their job, are out of school, or are just trying to avoid going outside. Most of these people are probably exercising, playing video games, talking with family, or watching shows on tv.

A very good way to take peoples mind off of the coronavirus would be to binge watch some shows. First off, there are several platforms that these shows can be watched on. Some of these include Amazon Prime, Netflix, Disney +, Roku TV, Spectrum On Demand, YouTube, and many more. Currently, the most used platform is YouTube with just over 163 million users. Next comes Netflix with around 46 million users. 

There are several shows that are very popular right now and could be great choices for a long binge watching session. The first show on the list is called “Merlin”, it is an adventure, syfy kind of show. It is about Merlin, who is a wizard that lives in Camelot where magic is forbidden. Merlin is prince Arthur’s personal servant and has to keep his gift of magic a secret while protecting Arthur at the same time. This show is only available on Amazon Prime, and it has five seasons with 13 episodes in each season. The episodes are 45 minutes long, this means that it is a great show for binge watching. 

The next show on the list is “Stranger Things,” which is centered around a young boy named Will who goes missing near a government laboratory. Then a lot of supernatural events start to occur around the town. A girl with psychokinetic abilities is a main focal point.

Photos by Mohamed Mahmoud Hassan
Because of the corona virus, binge watching has become more popular.

“I like how we got to see the characters grow up in Stranger Things.” said Jahche’ Vanholten, freshman. 

This show has a 93% overall rating on rotten tomatoes, which means it is a well liked show. Stranger Things has three seasons and 25 episodes total. So this is a good show for binge watching!

Up next is a show called the “Middle;” this show is about a wacky family that goes through a lot as their kids are growing up. “The Middle has a whopping 9 seasons with 24 episodes in each season. This is the perfect show if to goal is to jump on the couch, relax, and have a good time watching. The Middle also got a 90% rating on rotten tomatoes, which is pretty good but could be better. 

When asked about The Middle, Kathy Best said “I liked it because it was relatable family stories that no matter how much your family drives you crazy sometimes-you still love each other!” said Best.

The last show on the list is called “Eureka;” it is a science fiction/action series that is based in a town called Eureka. In this town, a lot of things are always going wrong, and Sheriff Jack Carter has to try and stop things from getting out of hand. Eureka has five seasons with a varying amount of episodes in each season. The average audience score on rotten tomatoes is 89%. 

While the coronavirus is making everyone feel down, don’t forget to check out some of these amazingly good shows to take your mind off of all the madness.