Moms protest ICE raids

Yulisa Ramirez-Lopez, Assistant business manager

Moms in North Carolina protest June 30, 2018, about the separation of migrant children from their parents. Mothers are not the only ones that get hurt from the issue. Children that get taken away from their parents also are devastated about losing their family. 

These mothers are protesting the RAISE policy that Trump has announced. The families that suffer from their children taken away affect the parents and children by leaving them devastated. Moms in NC want to prevent any more of the separation to happen. There have already been at least 2,000 children taken away from their families due to Trump’s administration policy. Protesting families speak out and protest in downtown Raleigh so their concerns can be heard. 

The camps that children are taken to are not in the best conditions.  Durham resident Shelia Arias concludes that at least five children have died from the detention centers while in U.S custody. There is overcrowding, disease and unsanitary conditions in the camps that the migrant children are held at. The children that are held here are under the age of 18 and in extreme cold temperatures. The teenage mothers that are at the camp were not able to wash their babies bottles. 

There has been a lot of controversy among Americans. The news about more and more children are getting taken away from there families make people furious. The awful conditions that the children are in has been passed around and talked about. Many news such as NBC news and public news service have talked to some of the teenage moms at the camps. One of the moms in the camp also confirm that the officers are rude and do not care for the children. Immigrant parents have been working hard to speak out more and get more people to agree. The immigrant people want to show what’s behind the doors of what happens to their children when they get taken away and where they go.

Over the past two years, more than 600 marches that have been held could have hundreds of thousands of people impact the protest. Kate Sharaf and 600 other women dressed in white were arrested for railing up about the protest. This caught many people’s attention and gained traction to those not included to immigration. Protest groups have improved and more people have gone out there way to speak about family separation. Rallys in aleigh were taken place and many were patient for it to start, speaking out about the upsetting rule of Trump’s immigration policy.

Families have suffered getting their children taken away. People nationwide have changed their point of view and put themselves in their shoes. The protest events have caught many people’s attention and many more will be soon to follow.