NC State Fair beings at Fairgrounds

Jamin Moreno, Editorial Cartoonist

The NC State Fair, the most anticipated time of year for North Carolina, has now passed, accompanying 166 years of fun and laughter, but it will return next October. Lots of joy and laughter between family and friends flowed through the fairgrounds with the addition of new rides and food.

The newest attraction, a 155 foot, 400,000-pound Ferris wheel known as the State Fair SkyGazer, looms over all the rides and its visitors with its flashy lights and designs. With only seven dollars to get on, people hope it will return the next year for another debut. 

With this new year, everyone got to see the new and interesting food options the fair had to offer, including the Dole Whip, a soft-serve dessert that is craved by many, arrived at the fair. It could only be found at Disneyland’s Enchanted Tiki Room in California until they were sold in Florida’s Magic Kingdom.

The attendance this year did not beat the all-time record, with the attendance of 1,091,887 back in 2010, this year’s state fair received a total attendance of 938,029. The only closest attendance to 2010s fair was back in 2016, with a total attendance of 1,028,364.

Oct. 18, 1853, the first NC State Fair was held south of downtown Raleigh for four days, but throughout the years the number of days has extended. In 1873, the fair moved into a larger site, which is currently the location the state fair is being held. The fair has not always been open ever since its debut, from 1861-1868: Civil War, 1926-1927: Agricultural Society disbanded, 1942-1945: WWII, all these dates were years the Fair wasn’t being held. The well-known arena called J.S. Dorton Arena is a spot where people go to enjoy events, both shows, and concerts. This elliptical shaped building was built in 1952 and placed on the National Registry of Historical Places.

With thousands visiting the state fair, many wonder which is the best day to go. The weekdays are days that are not as packed; for instance, Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, but the weekends are the days with the most attendance. “Monday through Thursday arent as full ‘cause there is not a lot of people, lines are short for rides and food,” said Alan Luis, freshman.

 There are also ways to save for the fair, for instance buying ahead of time for tickets, both entrance and rides. For those who like to ride on the rides, buying the wristbands can save a lot instead of buying tickets separately for one dollar a ticket. Online was 25 dollars for one wristband, and for a sheet of 18 tickets was 10 dollars, with this, you are saving up for food or other things. 

This year’s fair was not as packed as it was before, but it will return again, from Oct. 15 through the 25, 2020, with fun and laughter for everyone. “From an unamused cow to a 155-foot-tall Ferris wheel, the state fair has a bit of everything. For 10 days only, there are funnel cakes and stuffed animal prizes bigger than the children who so desperately want to win them.” writes Staff Reports, The Chronicle.