Changes at Athens

Many changes have been made at Athens since the 2018-19 school year, including the addition of two new administrators and a renewed bell schedule. 

One of the changes to the bell schedule is Advantage Time. Previously, Advantage Time was Monday through Thursday after first period and lasted 24 minutes, with Drive Time on Fridays after first period for 18 minutes. As of the 2019-2020 school year, however, Mondays, Thursdays and Fridays will be on a regular, straight time schedule, while Wednesdays are reserved for the new Advantage Time schedule. 

The new Wednesday-exclusive Advantage Time schedule alternates between classes and Advantage Time. Each class is about 65 minutes long and Advantage Time remains 24 minutes long, occurring after each period. 

Katie Vick, senior, thinks the new schedule is worse than last year’s. 

“It’s cramped now and Wednesdays are chaotic,” said Vick.

Cailin DeLeo, senior, also prefers last year’s Advantage Time schedule.

“I liked it a lot and I had built-in time everyday in case I [stayed up] since I was in three sports last year,” said DeLeo.

Both students believe last year’s schedule was less chaotic.

“I feel like [this year] people are joining clubs to get out of class,” said Vick. 

As well as a changed schedule, there have been changes to administration. Two administrators, Theron Stallworth and Jeremy Parrish, have left Athens, with two new ones, Charles Morgan and Donti Coats, have joined. Mr. Coats is the assistant principal for last names Do-La and Mr. Morgan is the assistant principal for last names Le-Ri.

Donti Coats, one of the new administrators, has returned to Athens after working in another county for a few years.

“I am truly enjoying being back at Athens Drive. In 2011, I began my career in Wake County at Athens Drive as a School Counselor.  I left in 2016 to become an Assistant Principal in another county but it feels really good to be back home,” said Coats. 

He sees every day as a chance to learn and grow as an administrator and person.

“I treat each day as a learning experience so everyday is an opportunity to grow,” Coats said.

Although he enjoys where he is now, progress is a constant goal for him.

“Progression is always a goal, so in the future I aspire to become a principal.  I would also like to return to coaching as well. As a former high school football, basketball and track coach I do find myself missing those moments as well,” Coats said.

Both the bell schedule and two administrators are new this year.