Athens Drive Gradman looking for new supervisor

Brenlee Shaw, Photographer and Hospitality Manager

Gradman is a charity driven talent show for senior boys at Athens Drive. Gradman has been a successful event that most of the student body looks forward to every year. It raises money for a variety of charities. It is a comedic show that the boys really get into and has a different theme every year and encourages lots of school spirit. Gradman has been run and supervised by senior co-advisor and teacher Christopher Remaley. 

 Remaley has been previously running Gradman for over 20 years.  Although Gradman is a tradition that Remaley has been a part of for a very long time, it was a big commitment and he wanted more time at home with family. 

 “He will still help with whatever the gradmen need and what the senior student council needs, but he just doesn’t have the time commitment to be there at gradman practices,” said senior Katherine Rose, who is a part of gradman.

Gradman had been a huge success for students and became a tradition that will be hard for them to give up if they cannot find another supervisor. Students have supervisors in mind but finding someone who is willing to commit the time and effort into pulling the show together may be a difficult task.

“Gradman will stay the same but only if we can find a teacher to supervise all of us, if we can’t we are going to come up with other ideas to do in place of gradman, but we want to keep the tradition alive,” said Rose. “ I have been looking forward to being a part of gradman since I was a freshman after seeing one of their shows. It seemed like so much fun, and I would hate to lose the opportunity to be a part of,” 

The issue of finding a supervisor is stressful for students that want to keep this tradition alive. This show also raises money for charity, which is an opportunity for the school to help the community. Finding an event that will be as successful and raise as much money as Gradman will be a difficult challenge for students. 

“At the moment we aren’t sure who will take his place, we have several people in mind that we plan to ask, and are hopeful someone will be able to take his place, although no one will ever be able to fill his shoes, we know they will do an amazing job,” said Rose. 

Since Remaley has run Gradman, students may struggle to find to fill his shoes, but Gradman is a tradition that students believe must continue, and they hope a new supervisor will step up. 

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