Homecoming recap 2019

Lillian Lewis, Editorial Copy Editor

Athens Drive cheerleading team performs at the pep rally the day of homecoming

As students settle into the new year, the Athens Drive family see the homecoming game as a welcome back from a long break away from the school year. For a lot of students, the game symbolizes the start of fall with a new school year and new friends. Each year, Athens holds a Spirit week in October, with each day holding a different theme, getting students excited for the homecoming game.
“Working on homecoming was a lot of fun although it was a lot of work,” said Kayla Lewis, sophomore.

This year the theme for homecoming is Disney. The senior class theme is “Endgame”  based on the record breaking movie “Avengers: Endgame.” Juniors are “Up” based on the Pixar movie. Sophomores are “Finding Nemo” and the freshman class is “The Jungle Book.” 

“We have done the Disney theme before, but when we did the Disney poll, that was the theme everyone wanted,” said Christopher Remaley, sponsor of student government. 

The lead up to homecoming is not only accompanied by Spirit Week and a pep rally. A pep rally is also hosted in the football field for Athens Drive students to show their school spirit and prepare them for the homecoming game. Students can audition to host the Pep Rally or sing the National Anthem if they wish to be involved. Students in activities such as cheerleading or step team get to perform for the student body. 

“The kids always make the decisions. We are a student-led government. Me and Mr. Maxwell are just simply advisors,” said Remaley.

This year, Athens started off Spirit Week with Marvel Monday with students either dressing up as their favorite Marvel character or patriotic gear. On Tuesday, students channeled their inner traveler with Ohana Tuesday, with students dressing up as a tourist. There was no school Wednesday, but Thursday was class shirt day with students wearing their class shirts around the school. With the homecoming game and pep rally on Friday, students wore blue and orange to support their fellow jags with the fight against Green Hope. 

“It’s a chance to celebrate Athens,” said Remaley. “I love the pep rally. Pep rally is awesome. We get the entire school in the stadium. It’s great to see all of them here.” 

This is also a particularly interesting night for seniors. During the homecoming game, Homecoming King, Queen, Prince and Princess are announced. These students are chosen by the class of 2019-2020 and are crowned in front of everyone at the game. This year, the Homecoming King and Queen were Jared Gursslin and Cailin Deleo. Besides the King and Queen, the Homecoming court consisted of nine nominees for each spot. 

  With the excitement of friends surrounding them and filled with the energetic thrill of the football game, the homecoming game tends to be the one students remember no matter who wins. This year, Athens lost to Green Hope with a score of 49-16. 

“There’s nothing else I would rather be doing on a Friday night than watch a football game or a basketball game,” said Remaley. 

Even though there are many football games throughout the season, homecoming tends to bring in the most students, giving them a chance to hang out with friends while they support their fellow jags. 

“When you go to college, it’s not the same. It’s not a Friday night; it’s Saturday afternoon. It’s not 2,000 people its 50,000 people,” said Remaley.