Athens Drive Women’s Association breaking boundaries in the community

Emma Grace Lehmann, Online Editor

An upcoming club led by, consisting of, and inspired by women is looking to break boundaries at Athens Drive High School (ADHS) and in their community. Athens Drive Women’s Association (ADWA) is a newly developed club created by junior Peyton Joyner entering its first year in development. 

“This club is an opportunity to learn more about women’s history along with participating in volunteer opportunities related to women’s rights and also provides a safe forum where you can share your struggles in being in a minority,” said Joyner.

During meetings, the members plan and discuss their next volunteer opportunities and fundraising events, discuss important topics regarding women’s rights and look back in history at the ‘hidden figures’ of America. Some organizations that ADWA is looking to participate with include Women’s Center of Wake County and the Women’s Club of Raleigh. 

“Whether you realize it or not the community gives so much to you, you get out of it what you put into it,” said Trena Kirby, club advisor.

Not only is this club hoping to make their mark on communities outside of school, but they are also working on fixing problems in ADHS as well, which is where the idea for this club sparked from. 

“It started off with me wanting to get free feminine products in the bathrooms after having a few incidents my freshman year and having to talk to the teacher about, which was not fun. I realized that there’s a lot of stuff in schools like clubs that represent minorities but none for girls,” said Joyner. 

ADWA meets every third Wednesday of the month in second period during advantage time, advised by Kirby. Females and males are welcomed to join if they are interested in learning and aiding the community. Just like most other clubs at ADHS, ADWA will have a club committee/board consisting of a vice president, secretary, treasurer and more.

“Clubs help you find what you’re really interested in, helps you meet people and network and helps you develop leadership skills,” said Kirby. 

ADWA is ready to expand and share their passions farther than their four person committee board that is currently involved. To join the club, one must contact Kirby in room 2824, Peyton Joyner, or reach out via Instagram to the page @adhs.womens.

“When you’re born a female, you’re born a part of something. I want this club to highlight the best part of being female,” said Joyner.