2019 Spring Band Banquet honors Seniors

Cheyenne Workman, Online Photojournalist

     For all of the band students who are participating in the spring season, there is a band banquet being hosted to give out awards and to look back at the highlights of this season. The spring semiannual band banquet recognizes all the students who participated in band programs such as concert band, jazz band symphonic band, wind ensemble, winter guard and winter percussion.

    “The students who participated in one or more Athens band programs for that semester get together, have a giant potluck and hangout,” said Fiona McGuinn, sophomore.

    The band banquet takes place June 2,  in the cafeteria from 1 p.m to 5 p.m. Students dress in a semi formal attire and are encouraged to bring a gift for their captains.

    “We give the people who helped us a lot gifts and stuff,” said Jakub Pruchnik,  sophomore.

    The freshman and seniors are asked to bring a drink and a main meal, and the sophomores and juniors are asked to bring a side dish and a dessert for the potluck.

    “I think what I am looking forward to the most is looking back at the memories that were made this year with all of the awesome friends I have gained and who are always there for me,” said McGuinn.

    Students from each section line up by Jerome “Doc” Markoch and the sections instructors. After they have lined up, the students get called by name to  receive a certificate and a handshake from Doc and section instructors. Occasionally, an instructor may give a student a fake flower, that serves as a way to thank students for their participation in the program. Not all of the sections instructors will give out fake flowers.

    After each section has gone, students go back to getting food from the potluck, talking with other friends, taking pictures and maybe a having a very small section meeting. Once every person in every section have gone up,  Doc will begin discussing the next season.

    “It is a perfect time to reflect on the semester and get a sneak peak to what is in store for each of the programs in the following year,” said McGuinn.

    The theme for the fall season is that the theme will be “whether the weather”. “Whether the weather” was created by the band director Doc. This idea was created in honor of the weather reporter named Greg Fishel who resigned from WRAL.

    “The whole concept of “Weather the Weather” came about by my fascination with weather and my good friend Greg Fishel. For years I’ve wanted to do a show that musically portrayed the emotional effect of weather and after our very soggy band camp last summer, I decided that this year would work well.  The show will begin with a voice overlay reciting the following children’s rhyme: “Whether the weather be cold, or whether the weather be hot, we’ll weather the weather, no matter the weather, whether we like it or not.,” said Markoch.

    The music will also be told by the band director on what the students will be playing. But since it will be a weather themed show, the music will involve rain, hurricane, tornado and wind sounds.


Our show will feature Verdi’s ‘Requiem,’  Gershwin’s ‘Summertime,’ the Ukrainian Bell Carol, and ‘Somewhere Over the Rainbow’,” said Markoch.