Los Angels Angeles making a new wave in the franchise by signing Mike Trout for over 400 million dollars

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The Los Angeles Angels began the 2019 year with a new era in there franchise. Mike Trout was a free agent in the 2019 pre-season games for the Angels, but the Angels franchise in Los Angeles made a record breaking statement when signing Trout to the team again. Mike Trout agreed to play for the Angels weeks before opening day with a 12 year contract worth $430 million dollars, making his yearly salary just under 36 million dollars, 3 million dollars more than during the 2018 Major League Baseball season.

According to CBS MLB, “Over the past few weeks, our baseball operations personnel sat down with numerous highly qualified and impressive candidates for our managerial role. We are thankful to all of them for their time and effort throughout the process,” general manager Billy Eppler said in a statement. “Ultimately, Brad’s balance of connectivity, communication and leadership skills as well as his

Mike Trout is sense in the photo as number 27 on the Los Angels Angeles getting up to bat

understanding of evolving strategies and probabilistic approach to decision making led us to him. We believe his knowledge, drive and growth mindset will allow him to integrate seamlessly with our players and staff and will be pivotal in advancing our culture and moving us toward our goals as an organization.”

Mike Scioscia, the former team manager of the Angels, stepped down at the end of the 2018 season after being a part of the team for 19 years. Scioscia was very close with Trout when he first joined the Angels franchise as a center fielder. Brad Ausmus spent the 2018 season as a special assistant to general manager Billy Eppler, assisting with scouting and evaluations. During that job he was called Scioscia’s successor for giving communication and leadership skills to athletes to support each other. The 2018 season he also supported Trout and his efforts as an Angels outfielder. Ausmus Brad will have to bring the team together with talented players to win and be American League Division Series (ALDS) champions.

With the season already at play, spectators got to see how the team started out within the first games. Trout started showing off what he had during week two when the Angels played the Rangers. Trout hit over .400 as his batting average,  with five home runs in four game; rolling into week two against the Rangers and he did not stop there.

According to MLB news, “When you start throwing guys out, it just changes the player you are in the outfield,” Trout said. “Guys start seeing it, teams start seeing it. It’s the practice you put in, the hard work. Me and Kole [Calhoun] throw a lot. Obviously Kole’s got an unbelievable arm, and I see that and we work hard every day doing it. We’re battling, all of us,” Trout said. “We had a lot of good at-bats, hit the ball hard. Had our chances to score some runs, just fell short. Turn the page and try to win a game tomorrow.”

With the season still starting up Trout and the team still has a lot to show off by the games they still have coming up. The season rolls into summer and towards the end of the year for the World Series which has a chance for the Angles to show what they are really made of as a team.