Students Explore Their Horizons This Summer

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When the school year ends, many students look forward to traveling with their friends and family to various destinations both regionally and abroad. Often times, thoughts about school are put aside with backpacks, lunch boxes, and binders until August the following school year. However, certain Athens Drive students are electing to take an educational field trip with the school to England and France this summer.

Ashley Turner, English teacher, and Melissa Hunt, science teacher, are leading students on a nine-day trip in July. In the past, they have taken students to other destinations including Italy, Greece, Switzerland and Germany. This will be the third trip that these teachers have coordinated at Athens Drive.

According to Turner, this summer’s trip is, “designed to give students the experience of traveling and interacting with new cultures… it’s really an educational tour in the sense of helping them experience other cultures and other worlds.”

Starting in England, this trip will mainly focus on the cities of London and Paris but will also feature other notable locations within the two countries. Students will visit the University of Oxford and see a play at the historic Globe Theater while in Britain. Through theatrical experiences, the Globe Theater in London is famous for introducing people to the works of William Shakespeare.  

Later on the trip, the students will visit places such as the Louvre and the Palace of Versailles in France. French Royalty resided in the palace from 1682 until the start of the French Revolution. Tourists from around the world travel to the Palace of Versailles annually to see the renowned artwork and gardens.

This trip will highlight “historical, very touristy places” within these two countries, said Turner.

Students will also gain the experience of trying new foods, interacting with local residents and overcoming language barriers. Turner explained that these trips help students to gain a better understanding of the world and their role as global citizens.

“I really love watching the students who have never traveled outside of the country before doing

so for the first time and… watching them realize how different other countries are from what they’re used to here in the U.S.,” said Turner.

Cayla Harding, sophomore, is planning to go on the trip this summer. She explained that she is interested in this trip because it will take her to places she has dreamed of traveling to since she was a little kid.


The Eiffel Tower, a famous Paris landmark, is one of the many different places students will visit this summer.


“I’m looking forward to going to Paris because I want to go see the Eiffel Tower and everything,” said Harding.

However, the trip to England and France this summer is not the only upcoming trip. During the summer of 2020, students can go on a field trip to Costa Rica where they will go ziplining, kayak around a volcano and river cruise with crocodiles.

“The trip for England and France really appeals to students who are interested in history. The Costa Rica trip… is a very adventure-based trip,” said Turner.

While it is too late to join the trip to Europe, students are encouraged to sign up for the Costa Rica trip. If you are interested, speak with either Ms. Hunt or Ms. Turner.

As Harding said, “Go for it, absolutely go for it! It’s fun, it’s a learning experience that isn’t confined to a classroom, you get to meet new people, you get to hang out with friends and you get to experience something new in a different place.”