Staying Happy

Matthew Roehm, Layout

In the modern era, information travels faster than ever. Human beings can talk to each other all across the globe. News is instant and quick; it is difficult to keep up with the breakneck pace that the world is on. In 2019 world happiness has reached an all time low, bad news surrounds the modern man constantly and it seems as if though there is no way to escape. Even in TV shows and movies there is an abundance of violent and dark themes. The world seems to have become very dark; however this makes it more important to learn to keep a positive outlook on life. For many people, this amount of negativity is simply too much. Everyone needs a break from the darkness sometimes and there is nothing wrong with that.

While what makes us happy seems to be out of our control, we can surround ourselves with activities that increase happiness in leisure time and get rid of the things that don’t. Various studies have linked excessive use of screens and other smart technology to decreased happiness and activities such as being outside or reading with increased happiness. While one might not be able to choose how they spend their work time or school time, leisure time we have full control over. Balancing the free time spent inside on screens with other activities that increase happiness is key.

This screen related unhappiness is most prevalent in teens, however; it is not limited to them, other demographics suffer from the same sort of issues. Both teen and adult happiness dropped off during the economically tight years of the Great Recession and never seemed to get back up. This was a tough time for the entire nation, but it was also a time of great technological advancement. By 2012 most Americans owned a smartphone. This raises the question as to whether the technological advancement is the very thing keeping people unhappy. In any case, a healthy sense of balance is needed.

Keeping a positive outlook is critical. It is easy to get bogged down with school or work and not remember to take a break and breathe.  It is important to rest and take a break once in a while. Being surrounded by stress and bad news takes a toll on one is psyche. Turn off the computer and just relax even if it is for just a minute. Go take a walk or just relax outside. Exercise is scientifically proven to release a chemical in your brain that improves your mood. Clear the thoughts of the darkness of the world and just take a moment. Not everyone has time to do such a thing all the time in the busy world today, but even just once in a while will do it.

Most importantly, find what brings happiness and relish it. There is nothing wrong with taking a break from everything once in a while and enjoying something that happy. It will lead to a happier life and more productivity in the aspects of life that demand it.