Creative writing class revives Blueprints Literary Magazine

Cheyenne Workman, Online Photojournalist

         Release your inner talent. Blueprints Literary Magazine is a art journal where students can show their creativity to the school. Students can write poems, fiction stories, nonfiction stories, create art and submit their creativity to

         The website was created by the staff members as a way the students can share their creativity with the school. The staff consists of Rachel Surles, creative writing teacher, and students in her creative writing II class.

        “Blueprints was the literary journal at Athens Drive for about a decade and then ceased publication when the original advisor left,” Surles said.

        Blueprints first started at Athens in 1999. It was originally made by Jeremy Parrish when he was an English teacher here at Athens. Parrish left the school and had given Blueprints to an administration where it soon faded out.

      “The magazine was an award winning magazine,” said Morin, senior.

        It was after Blueprints was handed over to an advisor that it soon became non existent in the school for about a decade. It was then talked about years later and a few students decided to start it back up again.

     “My honors Creative Writing II class decided to start it back up this year but to re-envision it for 2019,” Surles said.

       After the students thought of the idea on bringing Blueprints Literature Magazine back, they advertised around the school to let the students in the school know about this. The staff  placed posters on the walls of the hallways, bathrooms, and doors. It was also talked about on ATV News in the morning for the students to see. A website was also created where the students could learn more about how students could submit their submissions.

   “We thought we could make a magazine that would be just as great as it used to be,” Morin said.

     When the submissions go in they are reviewed by the staff of Blueprints. The pieces that are of the highest quality and are the most original will be  published in the Blueprint 2019 issue. The staff members will not look at the submissions until after the due date.


             “Our staff curators will select the most outstanding pieces for publication in our 2019 issue. This year, we’re just looking to publish the best work submitted,” Surles said.