The Jonas Brothers in the Year 2019

Katie Vick, News Copy Editor

The Jonas Brothers are back and reminding fans of their teen years

Nick, Kevin and Joe Jonas, former Disney stars, announced that their band, “The Jonas Brothers,” was reuniting six years after their split. The release of their new single, “Sucker,” launched the group back into the spotlight.

The Jonas Brothers were made famous by their role in the hit Disney movie, “Camp Rock.” Before their split, they released six albums featuring numerous hit songs including “Burnin’ Up,” “Year 3000,” and “Lovebug.”

“Sucker” was met with an outpour of support from both old and new fans of the band. Their Instagram post announcing the new song received over 1,400,000 likes within just a week of being posted.

“I was really excited to hear they were getting back together… [their new song] wasn’t what I was expecting but I watched at the midnight release and I am pretty happy with it,” said Nia Smith, junior.

As of March 9, the music video received 59,426,411 views. Danielle Jonas, Kevin’s wife, and Sophie Turner, Joe’s fiance, were featured in the video. Nick’s wife, Priyanka Chopra, also participated in the video.

The youngest brother tweeted March 1, “My wife is soooooo beautiful in this video!!! How lucky am I?!!”

The Jonas Brothers surprised the world by performing at the Box Theater in New York City March 1, marking their first performance together in a little over five years. Their performance featured their new hit song “Sucker,” as well as some of their most popular throwbacks hits, including “That’s Just the Way We Roll.”

The Jonas Brothers also made a week-long appearance on the Late Late Show with James Corden. They participated in lighthearted skits, played games and rode along for Corden’s famous carpool karaoke. During carpool karaoke, Nick, Kevin and Joe opened up about their break up as a band, therapy and the struggles of being a Disney star.

Nick described their “Disney days” as, “being told what they can and can not say,” and remembers thinking, “I sound like a robot.”

The brothers described how the Disney Franchise portrays an image and how they struggled to reflect this image during their vulnerable teenage years. Joe says Nick was “a politician at age thirteen” because of how he learned how to spin difficult interview questions from an early age.

On a lighter note, they sang “Year 2019,” a parody of their hit song “Year 3000” while on the Late Late Show. Alongside Corden, the Jonas Brothers sang, “I’ve been to the year 2019 some things have changed, but it still can get better and our band is back together and doing fine, doing fine.”

Amazon Prime Video recently announced a documentary set to give fans an inside look at the Jonas Brothers’ childhood and how they got to where they are today. The company tweeted March 4 saying, “We got together, better than birds of a feather, you and me and @nickjonas and @joejonas and @kevinjonas…. sorry got carried away with news that we’re teaming up with the #JonasBrothers on an exclusive documentary.”

Overall, the reunion of the Jonas Brothers brings back fond childhood memories for many people of them singing along to the band’s music. Ava Darden, junior, describes this feeling saying, “it smells like 2008.”