League of legends summoning popularity

League of Legends is an online free-to-play RTS (Real Time Strategy game) which has been operating for over three years now and continues to grow in players and popularity. Recently the LCS (League Champion Series) is taking place for the third year where professional players gather together to compete for first place and the prize money of one million dollars.

League of Legends is a three or five player game, depending on which game mode

is being played, where each player will take on a different role. There are mages, assassins, fighters, tanks, marksmen, junglers and supports.  These roles all go into different settings on the fields of justice which are Summoners Rift, where five players can play, and Twisted Treeline, where three players can play. Each role has a different job to do in the fields such as helping other players do well in the beginning of the game or focusing all on themselves; play styles can also vary depending on what champion is played. Champions are the various characters that can be played in the game.  There are over one hundred champions in the game and they can be purchased with in-game currency or with credit card use.

“I like the fact that there are so many different champions to play as. This also means that each champion has their own strengths and weaknesses,” said Daniel Christe, junior.

In League of Legends, there are normal games which are played until a players reaches

the level where he/she can play ranked games. These ranked games will earn a player league points which will determine what division they are placed in. There are bronze, silver, gold, platinum, diamond and challenger divisions. Challenger is where you would most likely find professionals who are ranked highest in the world. Ranked games can also be played as teams of five and instead of each individual player being ranked; it ranks them as a team.

“I like that the play style of League is very fast-paced and team oriented. It is also a nice change from other games that are all focused on yourself,” said Darin Gooding, sophomore at Middle Creek High School.

Teams that are in the challenger tier are the most likely teams to compete in the LCS. These teams are in regions all over the world from the United States to Europe. Some examples of professional teams would be Curse or Team Dignitas; these teams are both competitors in the LCS.

“It’s[the LCS] a really interesting concept, and it’s very well produced and provides constant entertainment because of how often it airs, rather than having one tournament every other month,” said Sidd Gandhi, junior.

The vast world of League of Legends has much to explore, play and watch. To find out more about the LCS go to lolesports.com. To download and learn about League of Legends more go to beta.na.leagueoflegends.com.