Athens Drive band showcases at Raleigh christmas parade

Lillian Lewis, Current Events Reporter

On Saturday, November 17th, Athens Drive Marching Band took to the streets and marched in the Raleigh Christmas Parade. Students in the Athens Drive Marching Band were prepared and had been practicing after school for this event so that they would sound spectacular. Flute player Ciara Knight was one of the students that participated in the event.  

“We had two after school parade practices, we worked pretty hard put there’s also room to improve more especially for our freshman to feel more comfortable.” Ciara Knight, junior.

Most of the students in marching band have been in band before so they knew about this event and were excited to participate. However for some students this was their first time participating. Knight, junior has been in band since freshman year, leaving her with a lot of knowledge about Athens role at the Raleigh Christmas Parade.

“Performing at the Christmas parade was an amazing experience! I’m an upperclassman this year so I actually got to enjoy marching and playing and guiding all together. The best part was definitely looking over at people and seeing them smiling at how much joy it brought them just to hear us play.” Knight, junior

The leader of this event was none other than Jerome “Doc”  Markoch, band teacher. The director stated he realized that he wanted to become a high school band teacher when he was in high school.  

“I was given the opportunity to teach guitar in high school. I also took some music theory classes and that’s when I realized, I really, really loved classical music.”   

The parade is good exposure for the Athens Drive band since it is broadcast on television while families come to view floats marching down the streets of Raleigh. Local news sources such as the News and Observer have written about the Athens Drive Marching Band and how their place in the Raleigh Christmas Parade.

“I would love simply getting a chance to talk to people more. Whether it be people in the audience that are really getting what we’re giving off or people in marching band or other bands. There’s just so much great energy in parades.” Knight, junior said

The Raleigh Christmas Parade is the Athens Drives chance to shine, considering the band has a lot of potential. Last year Athens Drive Marching Band was able to perform at the Outback Bowl in a college football game between Michigan and South Carolina. And with their custom piece created by the same people who create Disneylands fantastic marches.

“We’re very lucky. Our band is so good that now whenever people think ‘Athens Drive’ they think of our marching band.” Doc said


Athens Drive band marches down the streets of Raleigh preforming their custom song.