Music at Athens

Lillian Lewis and Stella Mabiala, Current Events Reporter and Features Copy Editor

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The piano in chorus room is used by Michael Santangelo to make his choir great!

Lillian Lewis junior, is smiling outside the band classroom as she poses for the picture.

In this shot, the chorus students folders are filed in numerical order with music poking out of the slots.

Michael Santangelo, the chorus teacher at Athens Drive High School is teaching his class a song for their upcoming winter concert.

Although it cannot be heard in the photo, music can always heard throughout the arts hallway.

A tiny pumpkin painted by the chorus from Halloween is shown in this shot from a birds eye view.

Stella Mabiala senior, is standing outside the chorus room, excited about the winter weather.

Outside the chorus room, Stella Mabiala senior, jumps with joy.

This photo shows tags hanging in the band hallway highlighting the achievements of the Athens Drive Band.

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