Athens Drive varsity football team wraps up its 2018 season

Cameron Thomas, Sports Editor

The Athens Drive High School varsity football team’s 2018 season is finally coming to an end, marking the end of the fall sports period and welcoming in the winter period for Athens Drive students schoolwide. The Jaguars have a 1-9 record overall, 0-5 in the Tri 6 conference. Coming off a discouraging loss to Riverside-Durham on Nov. 1, the Jags are looking to rebound from the loss and end the season on a positive note with a win over the Apex Friendship Patriots.

While the Jags’ 2-9 record may be discouraging for fans, Takeo Shakur, varsity wide receiver, assures that there is much to be excited about in the upcoming season.

“Next season is going to be exciting because we have a bunch of new young guys coming into the program and the seniors are all friends, I think we will play well together,” said Takeo Shakur, junior.

Athens Drive is ranked 297 in the state and 9061 nationwide, down from last year’s 7-5 record that ranked them 142 in the state and 5376 nationwide. One remarkable statistic from the previous 2017-2018 season that could impact future games is the home record versus the away record -Athens Drive was 5-1 at home and 2-4 away- this speaks volumes about the energy that the student fanbase brings to the team and shows how student support can have a visible impact on the team’s performance, both this season and for seasons to come.

“My favorite thing about Athens football games is really feeling the Jag spirit, although we aren’t the best team around we have spirit like no other school in the area,” said Jonah Milchuk, junior.

While the 2018 season might not have been exactly what the team and students were hoping for, everyone remains optimistic for the next season. The varsity team is looking to recruit talented young players from junior varsity and transform them into key players on the varsity stage.

“We have an experienced quarterback and I know that we have some young talent on junior varsity that look to excel on varsity next year,” said Milchuk.