International Focus Inc. hosts 33rd annual Raleigh International Festival

Sean Herbst, Online Sports Reporter

    The International Festival in Raleigh kicked off Oct. 26 and concluded Oct. 28. The celebration boasts three days worth of international performances, foods art, games and cultural displays. The 2018 International Festival event was located at the Raleigh Convention Center.

    Over the course of the festival’s length this year, over 60 different groups participated in presenting their cultures food, music and dance to North Carolina’s citizens. Residents of other states and countries also show up to spectate the diversity of the festival and the cultures of different places around the world.

    “It was very fun because I got to experience how other people live. I learned a bunch about other countries too,” said Ben Viljoen, freshman.

    In addition, the International Festival provides a very diverse community, exposing tourists to other cultures. This allows visitors to hear different languages, smell different scents and also view images about different nations.

    Ticket prices range from eight dollars to 36 dollars. On Fridays and Sundays, tickets cost 10 dollars for adults, eight dollars for kids, students and seniors and 30 dollars for a family pack. Prices are risen slightly on Saturdays as tickets cost 12 dollars per adult, 10 dollars for each kid, student, or senior and lastly 36 dollars for a family pack.

    The International Festival is an eye opening experience, capable of entertaining all ages. This undergoing is a quality way to introduce yourself to new cultures and other cultures ideals. In addition to the activities listed earlier, this festival includes sidewalk cafes, world bazaars (markets), children’s activities and a naturalization ceremony, in which a foreign citizen is capable of obtaining U.S. citizenship.

“A week ago my parents took me to a cultural mix up event. This event was really eye opening and inspiring because I got to see and even taste different cultures from around the world. I’ve never really experienced something like that before so to visit it was magnificent. I had a kabob from Thailand which tasted nothing like the ones from my home country. Ultimately the experience was a very beneficial one and I’m excited to go next year too,” said Jaden Barnes, sophomore.