Voters must be more educated on issues of the country rather than letting others influence them

Jankhna Sura, Features Editor


As midterm elections arrive, more Americans are registering to vote and deciding on who they want in office. However, many people have not changed their way of thinking since their high school student body elections. When choosing a leader, Americans are too influenced by his or her appearances, character, and reputation rather than their plans in office. Additionally, people often do not understand the bias of flashy news and opinions of others and therefore cannot remove it from their way of thinking.

Selecting leaders of the country is a serious task but many do not put any priority into this. Americans, who are given the privilege to vote, should arrive on election day having done the preparation of understanding where a leader stands on certain issues. This “homework” includes identifying the critical issues of society, understanding the mechanisms of them and what the respective leader plans to do about them. By understanding a candidate’s views on problems concerning society and his or her policies, one can vote based on personal conclusions rather than the glamour and bias of campaigns and ads.

Yet rather than doing so, people let themselves be manipulated by tactics used by one’s campaign managers and the media. So many voters let others such as enticing newsreaders, radio hosts or celebrities tell them how to think and who they should vote for. These people target others who do not understand a leader’s policies and use sinister stories of a candidate or glammed up profiles of another to promote the candidate they favor.

Negative ads have also become far too effective at persuading an audience. When people hear an ominous voice and dark music playing over some scandalous scene, they immediately believe its truth and turn the other way instead of actually fact-checking it.

Rather than listening to the tendentious media, people need to educate themselves on the happenings of the world. To do so, one can gather their information from reliable, subjective sources that do not have an affiliation to a political group. This will give people the full view of issues surrounding the world. People also need to make sure that the candidate that they plan on voting for understands these issues and is not simply representing a political platform.

People need to stop voting for the candidate someone else tells them to. Instead, they should research the person and think for themselves. Every vote counts and it is the duty of a voter to be educated on what their favored candidate stands for rather than allowing showy media to control their thinking. Democracy is a privilege. It is time people use it to reflect their own thoughts.