Sean Boldrin

A deeper look into Athens men’s soccer co-captain

Dagmawi Tilahun, Editorial Cartoonist

Sean Boldrin,  attacking midfielder on the Athens Drive varsity soccer team, has been out with a serious concussion for eight games.

Soccer has one of the highest concussion rates in sports, matching football in injury proportion rate (IPR) and concussion rate, research done by Dr. Wellington Hsu, professor of orthopedics at Northwestern University’s Feinberg School of Medicine.

Boldrin is no stranger to these injuries, and he confirmed that he’s dealt with them in the past.

“It’s tough, and suffering a concussion is no joke,” said Boldrin.

Boldrin managed to start the beginning of the season, but suffered the concussion mid-way into the season.
“I think the team is doing really well this season, and we’ve been performing better than I initially expected,” said Boldrin.

The varsity team boasting an overall record of (10-5-1) and a conference record of (3-5) this season with Boldrin playing in 6 of them with 9 goals 5 assists and 4 steals averaging 2.33 G/A (goals + assists) a game.
“The team will always be better with everyone on it healthy and fully fit,” said Boldrin.
To come back, Boldrin would have to fully recover from his concussion.
“My concussion has completely thrown me off physically and mentally causing a lot of related issues affecting how I feel mental and physical pain,” said Boldrin.
Whether Boldrin will be able to return this season remains to be seen

“I should be able to recover in time for playoffs, but the recovery process is taking much longer than anticipated. I have no idea if I will be back to my best again after the concussion but I hope so,” said Boldrin.
Usually players who play for a college team are extremely good, as studies show that only 7% of High School athletes go on to play for college and 2% play for a top division in the NCAA (NCAA website).
“I could play in college but soccer is not forever and I have had a bad history for concussions so I have chosen not to play, but I may change my mind,” said Boldrin.

Boldrin believed that every great player has special connection to the sport they play in and pointed to his early exposure to soccer as one of the factors in him gaining skill.

“Soccer has been my life since I was born. I was on my first team when I was three. The sport has taken me to so many places I never thought I’d go such as Texas and England playing in pro academics. Soccer has made me into the person I am today.”

Julian Viljoen Athens forward and good friend spoke highly of Boldrin.

“As a teammate Seans a craftsman as a friend he’s supportive, caring and enthusiastic,” said Viljoen.

Viljoen believes that the team could benefit from Boldrin’s return due to some fatigue.

“The new season has our team as a major prospect with us dominating top level teams in the beginning of the year but we are tiring out and it would be a major boost if Sean came back,” said Viljoen.

When beginning a season without a key player many would find it difficult, in this case to the varsity team they have had to change they way they played in Boldrin’s absence.

“This year a different team and Sean’s absence has made coach Nelson a more versatile thinker and he’s been able to use our skills in accordance to his tactics,” said Viljoen.