Dallas Cop Kills Innocent Man in his home

Isabella Potorti, Editorial copy editor

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A Dallas police officer walked free on bond Sep. 10 after shooting an unarmed man in his own apartment. Dallas police officer Amber Guyger came home after working a shift Sept. 6 and mistakenly took her upstairs neighbor, Botham Jean’s apartment for her own.

Jean supposedly had a bright red mat in front of his door which Guyger did not have. How she got into his apartment is unknown as is as the interaction between the two. Guyger says the door was unlocked, while other residents said they heard her knocking and yelling “Let me in” .

Guyger says Jean ignored her verbal commands. She then shot the victim twice, injuring him; he later died in the hospital. Guyger called 911 and bystanders videos show her pacing back and forth on her phone, crying. Guyger turned herself in and was arrested in Kaufman county and booked into jail. She was released Sunday the 9 on $300,000 bail. Guyger was put on paid administrative leave, later fired.

Jean’s family is demanding Guyger face charges, the lack of arrest has added to the family’s grief. Jean, 26, was a native of Saint Lucia Caribbean. He was a graduate of Harding University in Arkansas and had no criminal record. He worked as an accountant for the Dallas office of PricewaterhouseCoopers, an international company.

Guyger is being tested for substances and alcohol abuse. Many questions are being considered such as why did she think Jean’s apartment was her own? Why was the police officer so quick to use her gun? Did these two know each other? Why did it take so long to arrest her for manslaughter? Why was she arrested at a department 30 miles from her apartment, when the Dallas police headquarters is two blocks from her apartment? Why was she charged for manslaughter instead of murder?

A grand jury will decide whether to charge Guyger with murder or manslaughter.

Murder is punishable by five years to life in prison. Manslaughter is punishable by two to twenty years in prison. Guyger may also face additional charges regarding the fact that race may have played a role in her choice to shoot Jean.

Guyger was involved in another shooting in 2017. She apparently was trying to identify a woman in her car when the passenger got out and took Guyger’s taser. She shot and injured the suspect, who was charged and arrested.

Jean’s family appeared at a news conference with the prime minister of Saint Lucia and three of their attorneys.They’re rallying against the Dallas Police department for failing to make a timely arrest. They explained  how Jean is a great, religious man who would have been arrested immediately if the roles were reversed. “I believe the police officer should be terminated because she killed a man doing nothing in his own home” said Tyler Thomas, Sophomore.

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