Change throughout high school is beneficial

Raven Barton, Editor-in-Chief

As a scrawny middle schooler, my expectations for high school were set very low by my teachers who told me that it would be a lot stricter and there would be no test corrections when I would fail my math tests.

However, when I got to high school I found that it was a lot less strict and when I indeed got a zero on my math test I was able to make it up. Going into high school, I had a general idea of what I wanted to be when I was older but, over the years that idea has changed entirely.

I used to want to help animals and be a veterinarian but after taking environmental science, my views on everything began to change. I became more environmentally aware of things and started my first job at a garden nursery. From then on I began to take interest in learning about different types of plants and what I could do to make the planet a better place for all organisms, not just animals.

I feel like before students get to high school they have this big dream of what they want to be, but that may change throughout the years. Just like when I go to college, I may keep the same major, but instead of being a botanist I might want to be a wildlife biologist and that is okay. Change is okay.

What is important is that you stick to what you are passionate about. Do not base what you want your future career to be on the opinions of other people or which job pays the best. Find something that you love and are interested in, so that when you have to go to work everyday it is not a struggle to get out of bed.