Should access to healthcare be a right or a privilege?

Daniela Delgado, Copy Editor

Numerous countries around the world provide universal healthcare to people; however, the United States is not one of these. The United States instead provides a health care system that is not fully accessible to everyone. With the inaccessibility to a multitude of people, many are lacking the treatment and care that they should have the right to receive.

In the United States, healthcare is limited to those who are insured and can financially support themselves. In other words, those who fall into the category of the poor, having a mental illness or are living in a single parent household that is not financially supported are not helped by insurance companies. Health insurance companies do not provide insurance to people who have mental illnesses due to it being a chronic condition. This often results in a lack of proper treatment and therapy that should be provided.

The financially unstable are not capable of obtaining the insurance needed to pertain to their medical needs. Without insurance, medical expenses can become near impossible to pay back. Medicaid is an option given, however, once someone begins to earn a little more than Medicaid accepts, it is taken away.

While the United States does not provide universal healthcare like most countries, it has its reasons for its healthcare system. The United States presents little wait for treatment in hospitals and clinics and can serve to patient needs quickly compared to countries with the universal healthcare that struggle in attending to those needs. This struggle to attend patient needs is as a result of everyone being equally provided universal healthcare in those countries. The United States also has advanced medical technology and hospital care as most of the money invested goes towards the healthcare industry rather than patient care.

Though even with these advancements and the quick care, the United States still ranks as 27 out of 34 in life expectancy. With the United States being one of the most industrialized nations, improvement needs to be made to provide access to healthcare to everyone.