Eliminating valedictorian promotes the increased wellness in academic students

Daniela Delgado, Copy Editor

Every year, a valedictorian is announced as having the highest grade point average in their graduating class and being ranked as number one. However, schools around the United States have been getting rid of the valedictorian title. Counties, such as Wake county in North Carolina, are eliminating the title after this school year of 2017-2018.

People are concerned that disposing of this title means throwing out the honor of being ranked as first. Though, there are positive outcomes for this decision of doing away with the title of valedictorian.

One of the worries administration and concerned parents have with the valedictorian title is the effect the title and class ranks have on the admittance to colleges. By having class rank, students are largely separated by a number even if their GPA is separated by small differences. A concerns about the title is colleges might not consider a prospective student as a result of rank differences. Class rank only recognizes a limited number of students, those who are at the top of their class.

Another concern that goes into the decision of eliminating the valedictorian is the pressure that has an influence on the health and confidence of students. To earn the title of valedictorian, a student must achieve astounding grades and take high level classes that are greater than the next student’s.

This often puts stress on a student due to the competition and pressure to have the highest or one of the highest grade point averages. They are pressured and expected to take the highest credit earning classes, earn high grades, all with a lack of sleep. It is basically a race to the top place in the ranks.

While there are numerous concerns for eliminating this title, people advocate for keeping or reinstating this honor. Many students believe they deserve the honor of receiving this title for their hard work. Some schools are even attempting to reinstate the title of valedictorian and salutatorian. They want the extra advantage of having that honor to add into college applications.

As an alternative for the titles and class ranks, many schools use a Latin Honor System and some plan to switch to this system. The Latin Honor System is used to accurately represent the grades, progress and achievements of students and recognize them. A greater number of students are honored for their accomplishments and it eliminates the comparisons between students.