The Bachelor Franchise introduces a new spin off series; The Bachelor Winter Games

Emily Cooney, Features Editor

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A new spinoff of the reality show, The Bachelor, called The Bachelor Winter Games is coming to television. The show premieres Feb. 13 at 8 p.m. on the CBS network. Similar to the spinoff Bachelor in Paradise, producers will bring back contestants from past seasons of The Bachelor and Bachelorette to mingle and find lasting love.

Normally, The Bachelor series shows The Bachelorette season during the spring, Bachelor in Paradise in the summer and The Bachelor in the winter. The Winter games will give Bachelor viewers (also known as Bachelor Nation) another form of dramatic entertainment this winter.

“I love the spinoffs, I think they are hilarious because they are not as formal,” said Emily Toohey, senior and regular viewer of The Bachelor.

Many viewers have said that this season with bachelor, Arie Luyendyk, is not as exciting as past seasons. Granted, Luyendyk was on The Bachelorette five years ago on Emily Maynard’s season 15 and the series is now on season 22 with Luyendyk. The series usually recycles contestants from the previous season each time. This long time gap left a majority of the viewers confused as they do not remember Luyendyk.

“I think it will be more entertaining, I can’t stand Arie. I love…love, so it’s nice to watch other people find love and the drama is entertaining,” said Jessica Crooks, teacher and long time fan of The Bachelor.

The Bachelor Winter games premise entails both past contestants from the United States and international contestants from Japan, Sweden, Australia and more. The goal of the show is to find love by winning winter sport themed competitions to win date cards and of course, roses.

“It’s like watching a big mess, an entertaining trainwreck,” said Toohey.

Some people see The Bachelor as “fake” in the sense that the show might be scripted. However, many marriages and even kids from relationships that came together on the show have lasted a long time. A prime example is Jade and Tanner who met on Bachelor in Paradise. This fan favorite couple has been happily married for two years now and have a baby girl named Emerson.

United States past contestants like Claire, Ashley I., Ben and Dean are coming to the Winter games along with International contestants who viewers will meet when the show premiers.

“I think spin offs are a good idea because viewers do get attached to the people on the show and it’s nice to see them again. I think bachelor in paradise got a little bit too crazy and I’m glad they have a drinking limit now,” said Crooks.

Hopefully, the Winter Games will bring more exciting relationships that Bachelor Nation gets to watch form on the show and see even more drama as well.

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