The Start Of Athens Drive Baseball

Richard, Online Sports Editor

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The Men’s junior varsity and varsity baseball teams have been practicing since the beginning of the school year. The team has been practicing non-stop since the beginning of the workouts. With new freshman joining the baseball team they will have to represent Athens Drive Magnet High School inside and outside of school.

“Everyone that has came to the workouts has improved mentally and physically,” said Taylor Webster, head coach.  

The coaches have seen players practice at workouts and seen them play in scrimmages. With this, the coaches see how the players play and function on the field with other players. Over the time during the workouts the coaches have placed the right players in the right positions.

“I feel good with the teammates on the team and how the coaches have improved me and my friends on the team,” said Wyatt Twisdale, second baseman.

With this in mind it sounds like the teammates will work together well.   

2018 Athens Drive baseball team coming together and raising money for equipment and the field.

“There is a lot of experience with the seniors and lots of freshman of that can gain experience over the season,” said Webster.

With the tryouts on Feb. 14, the coach picked players that could represent Athens Drive High School in a good way.  Looking for players that would give good sportsmanship to their teammates and their opposing team. That would never give up in games and would pick their teammates up that would be down. They also looked at players that would give the team the best chance to get wins.  

“You have to win to have fun on the baseball field and when you win you have fun with friends and playing the sport,” said Webster.

On the baseball team there are multiple coaches that help players improve all over the sport by feilding, hitting and pitching. Coach Thomas works with pitchers to improve accuracy and speed. Coach Bayer is the head coach of junior varsity, he focuses on JV players with fielding and hitting. Coach Webster focuses with the varsity players and overlooks the junior varsity also.

“I feel good with the other coaches, we have fun when we want to and have to be serious  when we need to,” said Webster.

Coach Webster coaches baseball at Athens because it is a lot of fun for him and keeps his energy up alot. Also enjoys being outside with the players everyday and every game.

“I love being outside playing baseball with the kids because it brings me back to my childhood. Also reminds me of my experience as a kid playing the amazing sport,” said Webster

Since the school’s founding in Sep. 5 1978, Athens Drive High School has had a baseball team and many people have gone and kept going forward into playing baseball. There is some people that have gone further like Josh Hamilton. Josh Hamilton is a MLB player that has played for many years, played for many teams and graduated for Athens. But the coach wants others to join/look into the sport because how athletically and mentally the sport is.

“Students at Athens Drive High School should be interested in baseball because it is going to be fun with the games and the players. It will be fun to watch the players battle each other out. And the field that we have will be better looking and more up to date,” said Webster.



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