Journalism is more than just entertainment

Raven Barton, Editor-in-Chief

Journalism has been around in the United States since the Publick Occurrences, the first newspaper published by North American Colonies in 1690. As the years have gone on, less and less people have been reading printed newspapers, especially in high schools.

A reason for this could be that most students are getting their information from social media outlets such as Twitter or other places and do not feel the need to read a printed paper with news that they have already heard of even if it is from a different angle or opinion.

However, there are some students who do not have social media or television and are unaware of current events and reading the paper would inform and educate them on school, local and world news. Additionally, if students read the school paper they would learn about upcoming clubs and sports events at school or other events they may have missed.

The only students that are most likely to read a newspaper are the ones that are featured in the paper, besides that most students are likely to skim past the articles only looking at the pictures.

Although there are some students that do not read the school paper, student run newspapers are not just to inform other students about events. They are a viable step in teaching students how to write and how to express themselves. By writing for a school newspaper you are learning skills that you can use in the future. It could also help you find your passion, maybe you find that you want to be a journalist or a writer when you are older.

I, however, would not like to be either. But I will stick to writing about things I am interested in and have a passion for, that being animals in captivity, plants, organic farming and agriculture. So even though students might not be reading the paper, the students that are writing for the paper are learning and figuring out who they are through their writing.