Athens Drive chorus performance leaves people wanting more


Photos by Hollyn Quiller

concert chorus sings at the Fall Cafe 2017

Hollyn Quiller, photographer

Each year, the Choral Department holds a fall chorus concert. This year it was called the Fall Cafe. The performance was free of charge and everyone sang either as a class or solo. It was a situation where you can walk in and hear the music as you please.

“I think the performance was great,” said Emily Raynor, freshman. “The chorus did great and the solo acts were amazing and fun to watch.”

Many students sang solos and duets ranging from pop music to songs from broadway musicals. There were also songs sung by the Concert Choir, which is an intermediate level class, Beginning Chorus and Vocal Ensemble, the highest level class students are able to be in. One student, Anna Vitpil, wrote the words and music for the song she sang which she named “Original”.

“Each concert is different,” said Luke Brocker, senior. “This being the first one, it was a bit more casual than usual.”

The performances are usually more formal. Typically, there are more songs sung in groups instead of there being multiple solos and duets. Students are also more dressed up instead of wearing their choral shirts and jeans.

“We practiced in class, went to some tutorials and helped each other out with details,” said Raynor. “I personally prepared by practicing close to everyday. I’d run through the songs in my head a couple times throughout the day.”

Students put a lot of time and effort into preparing for the concert, spending countless hours working to perfect the songs they performed. Some of the songs they sang were Evermore, Seasons of Love and Through a Window. There were some songs that they worked on starting at the first of the school year and others they worked on starting just a month before hand. Before the concert began students worked on parts of the song they may be struggling with as well as warming up their voices to ensure that their voices will sound as best as possible.

“My favorite part was probably watching my friends perform their solos and duets,” said Raynor. “They all did really great!”