ADHS Marching band semi

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Dan Michaud

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Fall is the peak season for the Athens Drive Marching Band, and they have competed in a variety of places so far this year.  The band has a lot of equipment to carry and ends up having to rent multiple box trucks and use the truck they own.  That is why they got the semi.

The ADHS band has reached a record number of over 150 members this year.  To move all the items required it takes for the band performances is a major production.  Currently the band uses four school buses, two large box trucks and many parents to help make this happen.  Soon, however, this process will become more streamlined.  

The band started a Go Fund Me fundraiser over the summer to raise money to purchase a semi-trailer.  The goal of the band was to raise $20,000 in 20 days.  With over $20,000 raised this dream has become a reality.  The money will be used to purchase, design and paint the exterior as well as to outfit the interior of the semi-trailer to suit the band’s needs.   

At this time, the parents and band members load the large trucks the day of the competition and have to unload upon their return, many times after midnight.  The semi will make this process much easier.  By owning the semi, the band will be able to fit it with permanent platforms to transport equipment in a more efficient manner.  The semi will also serve as a billboard for the Athens Drive Band.  

“The band is so big with size and equipment.  We need to transport 150 uniforms, 10 large mallet instruments, a timphony, keyboard, 10 sousaphones, food and numerous medium sized instruments,” said Jerry Markoch, band director.  “The semi will give us lots more room, make loading and unloading safer for parents.”

The band works hard everyday and has many goals for the future.  Markoch’s dream for the band is, “To participate in the Rose Bowl parade in Pasadena, CA.  Going to the Outback Bowl is like a big step in that direction,” said Markoch.

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