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Preparation for Homecoming

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Football season at Athens Drive Magnet High School started this past summer. The team and coaches are confident after a 4-2 start to the season. Homecoming is an important time of year for the Athens Drive football team and season. This year the game is against Charles E. Jordan High School, Oct. 6. The team will prepare for this game like any other, beginning with watching film of Jordan’s games and practicing plays going after their offence and defense.  

Jordan has had some very close losses against strong competition; they don’t have a winning record right now, they will be a hard competitor. If we keep in mind it’s our job to win the game and for the community and the students. I am confident that we will have a good showing,” said Jeremy Fulbright, Football Coach.

With Athens hoping for a win against Jordan, the team is getting ready for the game and the week before it. The week of the game, Oct. 2 through Oct. 6, was a spirit week to get students excited about the game. After the game is over there will be a homecoming dance to celebrate no matter what the outcome is.

“Team members are expected participate in homecoming activities. At the game more eyes will be on them then normal, because alumni will be there to watch them play. Their job is to win the game,” said Fulbright.

More people will be watching these football players because homecoming is the tradition of welcoming back formers students usually on a special event or occasion.

“I’m not nervous at all I believe in my team. Last year’s ,homecoming was a great game. It was [one of the the best ones we played that season]. With the love we always receive from the crowd, and the amazing support of school staff and our great coach we will be fine, everyone is always supportive [no matter what],” said Robert Ruffin Jr., senior football player at Athens.

For the past 10 or more years Athens has been in the same sports conference, this year they were placed in a different conference. Last year Athens was in Southwest Wake 4A, but this year they switched to the newly formed 4A Tri-6 conference.

Athens is currently tied for first place with Green Hope High School in this new conference. Being in a new, different conference, also means new competition. Since this change happened only this year Jordan is new competition, and Athens has never played against them. Through the first five games of the season Jordan has a 2-3 record with close finishes. Athens junior varsity football team will also be playing Jordan the same week on  Thursday, Oct. 6.

Athen is above the national average is rushing yard lines per game (RYPG) with 234.7 while the national average stands at 169.9. Athens has also moved up in both state and national rank, in state from 203 to142 and from 6894 to 4810.  Alumni will be coming back to see that now Athens is a stronger team.

“I love my team, I love school, I love being a Jag,” said Ruffin.


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Preparation for Homecoming