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student elections at Athens

Jannah Abubaker, Cartoonist

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At Athens Drive, a student government is organized, so that  students are given the opportunity to represent themselves and help plan activities and fundraisers. Students can run for positions such as co-president, vice president, secretary and treasurer.

Students run for what position they would like to be in. To help spread the word about themselves, posters and signs are put up throughout the hallways.

Soon elections will take place, and  students can vote for who they want to represent them. The students who are running for a specific position are representing their grade level. Elections took place May 1 through May 5.

Cooper Sykes, freshman, is running for sophomore student council president. Katie Vick, is also one of the students running for sophomore student council. The competition may be high, but it is up to the students to decide who the feel will best represent them.

Only one president can be elected, however two co-presidents can be elected. The results are all up to the students who vote.

Student council class presidents play a very important role in organizing activities and fundraisers. They are also in charge of running your classes, council meetings and representing leadership to fellow students.

“I have much leadership experience from NAHS (National Art Society). I am really dedicated to what I do and I will do anything to do make sure student council to not only make it better for the people in it but for the students who are not,” said Cooper Sykes, freshman.

Along with student council and other positions comes responsibility and leadership.

“I think students should vote for me because I promise to make Athens Drive a home for everyone and represent all the students,” said Katie Vick, freshman.

Students who are not running for any positions are given the opportunity to make their voices be heard by voting. The elections took place May 1 through May 5.

“I think voting is important because your voice will be heard and everyone’s opinion matters,” said Vick, freshman.


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student elections at Athens