How the Marine branch started and some things you should know about joining

Danasia Wills, Business Manager

To be labeled a United States Marine is an honor because it consists of the fewest people compared to the other branches. To be in the Marine Corps it takes a person of extreme discipline, strength and sense of purpose.

Marines have been around since Nov. 10, 1755 and was founded by Samuel Nicholas. The official symbol of the Marine Corps is the Eagle, Globe and Anchor. The Marines Corps  displays Honor, Courage and Commitment while being known as one of the most elite fighting forces in the world. According to “Quora,” the Marines has many close ties with the U.S. Navy but these are two separate branches; each have their own autonomous leadership. The Marine Corps has its Commandants and the Navy has its Chief of Naval Operations.

Many people confuse U.S. Marine Corps with the U.S. Army, but these are two completely different branches. The Army is a larger branch and some of the requirements are different. According to “Diffen,” the Marines Corps mission is to seize or defend advanced naval bases and other land operations to support naval campaigns, while the Army preserves peace and security.

Marine basic training is the longest and hardest because a recruit will be tested physically and mentally. The purpose of boot camp is to break a recruit and make them into a strong Marine. A recruit is supposed to stay in basic training for 13 weeks at Parris Island or San Diego; depending on their location but all girls go to Parris Island. There is nothing special about either basic training location because both locations have the same training, the only difference may be weather.

A Marine can either be an infantry, computer technician, pilot or another other job, they will still be given the proper training given in order to perform as an infantryman if needed. This is why they are proud to say that ‘every Marine is a rifleman.’

For those interested in joining the military, the Marines would be a great option because one will get tested beyond their limits but this only makes them stronger. A future Marine will have the pride of putting on the uniform and being able to serve their country regardless of the job they have. Marines are known for having a “Brother Love” bonding. One does not simply “join” the Marines, they become one. The Few The Proud The Marines.