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Most students go through stress and have stressors, and when students get their free time, most spend their time doing something they love. Everyone has a hobby a and everyone does something to enjoy a free day. For Madeline Desautels, writing is her hobby. Desautels enjoys writing poetry and short stories, writing is her passion and it is what she loves doing most. Recently she published two poetry books and a novel called “The Caretaker”.

“I’ve always wanted to write books, or something. I read a lot and I was never really satisfied with what I read, and I always thought that the ideas that i had written down on scraps of paper would be great for books,” said Madeline Desautels, freshman.

March 30th was the day Desautels talked about her books and how she got where she is right now. Writing for Desautels was always something she could always go back to doing and it was her passion. Her passion was not immediately accepted and many people made fun of her for it.

“I can’t thank Susan Connor, Andie Faircloth and Mrs. Lowry enough for accepting the way I wrote and not calling my parents saying that I need a therapist,” said Desautels, freshman.

It was not easy for Desautels to work her way up to get to where she is at now. Writing her books was a long process, and after months and months of writing and editing her copies, it was finally published. The process of writing, editing, revising and publishing her books was a complicated process.

“If you had told me a year ago that I would be publishing three books and talking in front of such a big crowd of people about those books, I would have laughed hysterically,” said Desautels, freshman.

Desautels loves writing at a young age, and it was always her hobby. She loved reading short stories and poetry from famous writers like Edgar Allen Poe and Stephen King. They both gave Desautels inspiration to do what she loves.

“I absolutely love Edgar Allen Poe and Stephen King, they really inspired me to write the way I write. I just admire how both of them were judged so much for the way they that they wrote, but they kept writing because it was their passion, and now I write the way I write because it is my passion.” said Desautels, freshman.

At the literacy special week event, students learned how they should continue what they love and not to give up on their passions. The speakers also talked about how they should not care about what others think.

“It is important for students to express themselves because it helps them to feel unique,” said Campbell Beck, freshman.

Students are given the opportunities to express their passions and creativity with the help of classes and clubs that interest them.

“I was surprised that a student that is the same age as me was able to express what she loves creatively,” said Campbell Beck, freshman.


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student speaker at Athens