Technology is negatively influencing students and can damage the society

Danasia Wills, Business Manager

The more advanced technology becomes, the more detached we become with reality. Technology is slowly starting to influence us and make us believe that without technology we cannot function. There is a problem when someone would prefer to deal with a machine over a human. A lot of people rely on technology even though it is only meant to benefit and make our lives easier. Technology should not have control over us; we should have control over technology.

The impact of technology on our society can have a negative impact on our social, mental and environmental progress. According to The New York Times, studies have shown that kids who first learn to write by hand are better at generating ideas and retaining information. Writing by hand triggers certain parts of the brain which cannot be obtained while typing. The more someone exposes their mind to technology and let it think for them, the less they obtain and use their imagination.

Also technology has made it easier for people to become bullied online. According to National Bullying Prevention Center (NBPC), 64 percent of children who were bullied did not report it. This makes it easier for bullies to continue to bully, if no one speaks up. This can lead to students becoming depressed and committing suicide. According to “Stand for the Silent”, there is over 55,000 students who have committed suicide due to bullying in the last seven years. Students would be bullied due to their looks, physical features and race, which makes this wrong. There is no reason to bully anyone, and studies show those who bully are truly insecure about themselves.

There are many ways to reduce the amount of time we spend on technology. One new idea established is Pocket Points. Pocket points help students stay off their phone while at school. Phones are the number one distraction to students and it is a physical barrier to obtaining new information. If not stopped, it can cause addiction, isolation and lack of social skills. Pocket Points are new but used by a lot of students because they enjoy getting discounts on local food places they visit a lot. If we come up with more ideas to limit the obsessive use of technology, then it can prevent a lot of things. Technology is not bad, but when we let it do basic tasks for us and control us, this is when it becomes an issue.