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2017 Spring Sports Previews

Ava Darden and Mohamad Hilal, Staff Writers

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Men’s Tennis:

Men’s tennis, which plays in the spring season, has just finished tryouts and finalized the team. William Ojiambo, a junior who has played for the Athens Drive tennis team since his freshman year, is excited for the spring 2017 season.

“I don’t really have a least favorite part of practice. everything is enjoyable and improves my skill,” said Ojiambo.

Tennis practice lasts for about two hours. During practice, athletes either focus on playing singles matches or doing drills. The first match is Monday, Feb. 27.


Men’s Golf:

Another sport starting practice this Spring is Men’s Golf. Since tryouts, The men’s golf team has started practice at Lochmere Golf Club. Practice lasts from around 3:15 To 5:30.

Diego Trejo, a freshman on the team, said he thinks there’s a lot of misconceptions about golf. “Everyone thinks it’s easy, and that all you have to do is swing but that’s not the case. It’s actually a lot of fun and it isn’t boring at all.”

The golf team has been practicing hard for their first match, which is March 7.



Both Men and Women’s Lacrosse start their games Feb. 28. For the past week, both teams have been practicing intensively.

“To be part of the team you have to be dedicated and be willing to listen and learn from our coaches,” said Madison Rigney, a freshman on the junior varsity women’s team.

Lacrosse is one of the more well-known spring sports at athens.

“It’s a fast-paced game with a mix of both skill and physicality. It’s a combination of a handful of other sports, which means that someone who plays another team sport can easily translate their game onto the lacrosse field,” said Chris Alcorn, a junior on the men’s varsity team.

Catch the women’s varsity team on both Feb.28 and Mar.6, and the men’s team on Feb.28 and March 3 away.


Baseball season started and last years second round playoff contenders are ready. Sam Enders, a senior and starting outfielder is thrilled to continue the season.

“We’ll be fine this year, we’ll do better than last year because we’re a lot more focused,” said Enders.

The Jaguars lost their first game to Apex High with a score of 10-0 but are looking forward to winning against Garner on March 1.



Just like baseball, the softball season began and the Jaguar girls are ready to win. Melanie Darges, a UNCG commit and a senior.

“I think it’s going to go really well and our goal for the season is to finish in the top half of our conference. And I am confident that we will accomplish that goal,” said Darges.

The lady Jags also lost their first game to Apex 11-5 but are hoping move forward and excel throughout the season.


For Further Game dates, visit the Athens Drive Athletics calendar:

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2017 Spring Sports Previews