Athens Drive students share plans for winter break

Zach Nowlin, Copy Editor

very year, students are given about two weeks at the end of December to enjoy the holidays and the new year. This year it is from Dec. 21 to Jan. 3. Each break gets shorter but students still find things to do over the break.

“I go up to New York City every Christmas to see my aunt and uncle on my dad’s side,” said Natalie Beckstead, junior.

Some students are going out of town for the holidays to celebrate. Natalie Beckstead is going to New York City to visit family. Every year she visits her family in New York and goes to see the ball drop on New Year’s Eve. Beckstead will open presents early in the morning on Christmas Day and then drive up to her Aunt’s house later on. Andre Barbosa, junior, is planning on going to Florida over the holidays and working at the YMCA when he is in town.

“Over winter break I’m going to work my butt off and then take a trip to Florida,” said Barbosa.

Others are staying at home and taking it slow. Students are throwing holiday parties with family and friends or simply having a relaxing break and not doing anything in particular. Harrison Rose, junior, is having a Christmas party with his family in which they have a secret Santa gift giving exchange.

“I have this party every year. I love having these parties because it’s a joy to see the look on people’s faces when they open their presents,” said Rose.

Last minute shopping is also a popular pastime during winter break before the holidays are underway. This year students do not have as much time to prepare if they have not gotten their gifts.

“I have so much more to get in such little time,” said Erik Updegrave, junior, “ I wish I hadn’t procrastinated.”

The students at Athens Drive are filling their breaks up so that they can stay busy. Even after the break was shortened by Wake County, students are not letting it get in the way of their holiday plans.